Kit Rental

Whatever your watersport of choice, we’ve got you covered for kit!

We understand that sometimes shelling out on a load of kit in all the sizes is a big outlay. Hence we have come up with an amazing rental structure to save you money and ensure you are on THE perfect kit for the day. 

We have over 60 kites from 5m-15m in the school, all the current years model and a range of twin tips, surfboards and more foils than we know what to do with……we love toys 🙂

We work with the best and biggest brands in the industry and pride ourselves on great relationships with them and therefore providing you with the latest an leading kit on the market to try.


Duotone is the biggest brand by a mile.
North is new, leading edge and already in the top three in less than two years
F One is the most innovative and advanced brand for foiling and has been in kiting since the beginning. 

All of these brands and more are available on our hourly, monthly and annual rental packages.


SUP is the most accessible watersport out there, and we’ve made it even more so with our great rental options. Wether you’re at the beach for an hour, a day or a week we can facilitate your SUPing activites without the hassle of carrying a board around.


Rental is a great option for this fast adapting sport, and you might find you’re quickly progressing between board and foil sizes so why not try a few out before you commit to buying

E-Bike Rental

Synch’s E-Bikes combine cutting edge technology with retro style fun. Engage your sense of adventure and enjoy a ride on these around Sandbanks, down the promenade and beyond. No need to avoid hills when you have five levels of power assist at your fingertips.