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Heading in to Autumn

What a Summer!

Off the back of probably the strangest times most of us have experienced, one of the positives to come out of it all is a new and re-ignited interest and enthusiasm for all things outdoors and water sports based.

We’ve experienced our busiest summer yet and have all you lovely people to thank for continued support and business, and all our amazing team for their incredibly hard work over the last few months delivering the high demand of lessons.  

Some of the awesome easyriders team

Along with a big increase in beginner Kitesurfing and SUP lessons, we’ve also taught more and more kite foil coaching and started a venture in to the new world of Wingsurfing/foil.   
Wing Foiling / Inflatable Manta Ray Wrestling / Wing Surfing / Wing Wanging / Wingboarding…..what is should be called hasn’t fully been agreed on yet, but it’s a new fantastic and accessible wind sport. 
Last week we ran the world’s first Wing Surfing Instructor course, and are fully up and running with lessons……we’re winging it 😉 

Second hand Kit Sale

For those with newfound watersports skills, or improved ones, we have the kit to get you maximising your time out on the water.  
Excellent condition second-hand kit; kites, bars, twin tips, surfboards, foils, SUPs.  We renew our kit every few months to keep it in the best condition for selling on and to ensure we’re always teaching on the latest kit.
Check out the our shop page for listings of what’s available and give us a shout if there’s something you’re after.   

Our Autumn is shaping up a little differently to usual, with a lot of turbulence and regularly changing regulations we’re fuelling our focus towards our UK based lessons and coaching, including day trips and setting our sites on a 2021 filled with coaching trips abroad, kicking off with the Caribbean wave & foil clinics. 

Thank you all for your support, and hope to see you on the beach soon.

Take it easy,

Andy &
The Easyriders Team