Brazil Foileration

We’ve spent the last 15yrs making Icaraizinho, on the North-Eastern coast of Brazil our South American home for a few weeks of the winter.  Now having spent more than 5yrs kite foiling there, we know it’s the perfect spot to run an over-seas foiling coaching clinic.

Icaraizinho bay is a massive and quiet expanse of water right on our doorstep; perfect for hydrofoiling.  With no shore break and deep water, there’s also plenty of options to both upwind and downwind from this bay.

You don’t need to have done any foiling previously, this can be an introductory as a well as progression coaching clinic.  However we do recommend you are at an intermediate level kitesurfer preferably having ridden a directional board before embarking on this exciting new challenge of walking on water!

Why not extend your holiday and join us for the Adventure trip to get your kitesurfing legs back for 2 weeks prior to the foil coaching clinic?