Brazil; The Original

After more than 15yrs in Brazil we are heading back to our favourite part of the coastline, Icaraizinho. This beautiful spot is yet to be discovered by the masses, so whilst it is still a bit of a secret we’re going to make the most of its wide range of kiting spots and beautiful beaches.

14 days of cloudless skies, beautiful sunsets, warm water……and epic winds everyday on flat water, or perfect waves with miles of  up & down winding potential the best culture, food, and 4wd beach adventures on the planet!!

Icaraizinho is soon to become the must visit destination in Brazil.  Boasting even better wind statistics from June through to January. This small chilled out coconut-farming village is the perfect home for our 2 week clinic.
And with temperatures fluctuating between 27° and 30°, you won’t be needing your wetsuit!

With endless spots to choose from, some of our favourites include;
“Mango’s”: 200m along from the posada, awesome waves mid-high tide and the best acai in town.
“The Spot”: butter flat lagoon area at low tide with a fun reef break out back.
“Boilers”: our favourite teaching spot, as everyone progresses amazingly on the miles of straight sandy beach with perfect cross-shore consistent winds and a great starting point for the 15km downwinder home.
“Matts bank”: the stop off point for the beginners downwinder, but the start of some of the most fun waves Icaraizinho has to offer for the more advanced, and the soft sand off road adventurous drive home.

Download the PDF for full details of the fun