Peru Kitesurfing

In 2017 we ran our first Peru coaching holiday, having seen this amazing wave breaking for literally miles down the point we had to go.

We have since returned every year explored the Northshore, discovering loads of great beach spots, downwinders, point breaks, and sampling the pisco fruity’s.  The South in Pacasmayo is possibly the best wave of your life, along with paradise foiling on the lake.   
We can’t wait to go back and would love you to join us!

Peru, most widely known for Machu Pichu and awesome cuisine, is also home to the longest left hand kiteable point break wave in the world!

About 350 miles north of Lima sits Pacasamayo, the small and still very much undiscovered town that is home to “the wave that dreams are made of”.

We will be returning again at the end of May for a 2 week trip. The level is for intermediate riders and above. Give Andy a shout for the lowdown and options.