Kitesurfing Instructor Courses

Kiteboarding Level 1 Instructor Training Course (ITC) – £549

This is a 5 day course and is open to all BKSA members who are of a suitable standard of riding (upwind, jumping and backloops).  The course introduces the BKSA teaching scheme and the different stages of learning, it also looks at how to teach, be safe, in control of groups, manage the beach for teaching kitesurfing and much more. Being an instructor is a rewarding job and this course is jam packed full of info to become the ultimate kiteboarding instructor.  

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BKSA Senior Instructor (ITC) – £250

This is a 2 day course,  you will already have to be a BKSA level 1 kiteboarding Instructor and have 200 hours of experience of teaching both within the UK or overseas.  If you have enjoyed your career so far in this industry and feel like now is the time to take it to the next level then this course is the next step on the ladder for you. This qualification allows you to be a school principle and run your own setup. It also focuses on higher level coaching, water safety and beach management.

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BKSA Instructor re-validation – £160

Once you’ve completed a BKSA Instructor course and qualified as either BKSA Level 1 or Senior Level Instructor, your Instructor licence will be valid for 3 years. After which time you will need to have your licence re-validated, to do this you will either need to attend part of a BKSA Instructor course or get yourself signed off by a BKSA Examiner. We are the only BKSA recognised training centre in Dorset with an Examiner who is able to do this for you.
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BKSA Kite Hydrofoiling Instructor  – £250

This is an endorsement course for Level 1 Instructors and above.  With the growing popularity and demand for people wanting to learn to foil the BKSA put together a foiling syllabus to provide safe, high quality and fun foiling lessons. 
You must have a basic level of foiling; competently riding in both directions on and off the foil on a medium level foil and turning off the foil. 
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