SUP Instructor Courses

BSUPA Level 1 Instructor course(ITC) – £200

This two day course which is open to all Paddleboarders who are BSUPA members and of a suitable paddling ability (outlined in the BSUPA paddle skills requirements). The aim of this course is to produce good, competent, keen and professional paddle board instructors, it focuses on the BSUPA ready to ride teaching Scheme, along with how to teach, run a session, control groups on the water and feedback constructively.

First Aid
April 17th -18th
July 31st - Aug 1st

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BSUPA Level 2 Instructor course (ITC) – £200

This is a 2 day course combining Surf, race, Tour and fitness elements of the sport. You must already be a recognised BSUPA level 1 Instructor. This qualification allows your to be a school principle and run your own school. It also focuses on the more advanced disciplines of the sport such as taking tours and adventures, surfing in the waves or fitness and yoga sessions on paddle boards along with employment law, safety management and competition structures to name just a few.

PrerequisitesCourse Dates
Power Boat
First Aid
BSUPA Membership
Paddle Skills
Aug 28th - 29th

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Conversion/Revalidation Instructor Training Course (ITC) – £145

If you are already a qualified Instructor  in an equivilent (list available) watersport and would like to become recognised by the BSUPA as apaddleboard Instructor you can convert your current licence by attending a BSUPA one day direct assessment   conversion course,  providing you meet the standards you will gain your BSUPA Instructor Licence for three years.