Kitesurfing is an amazing sport. It is both easy and safe to learn, not to mention great fun. To learn kitesurfing it takes between 3-7 days to get to grips with the basics.

Easyriders founder Andy Gratwick, literally wrote the book on how to teach, so the lesson programs are simply the best.
Poole Harbour is truly one of the best places to learn on the planet.  It’s shallow, spacious and safe.  Making your learning experience faster, easier and more fun.

We are the only school recognised fully by BKSA, BSUPA, AALS & PHC for all lessons & courses we run both locally and worldwide.

Locally & nationally, we were the first school.
We were the first and are the only Instructor Training Centre in Dorset.
We were the first & are the only legitimate Advanced Coaching centre both nationally & internationally.
Locally, we are the only legitimate intermediate & advanced foiling centre for kite foil, surf foil & wing foil courses.

There’s a logical path to follow when learning to kite.  The British Kitesports Association (BKSA) have an amazing world-wide learning scheme (very well written 😉 haha).  Starting with key Kite skills (Level 1) then moving on to board skills (Level 2).  There’s then an infinite number of skills to learn as an intermediate onwards.

Once you have the basic skills, we at Easyriders pride ourselves on guiding you through the next options from now to olympic medals;

We offer group lessons, day courses, one to one tuition & coaching to cater for everyones level, preference & budget.  Check out the details and book here.
We run coaching days and weekends in the UK along with worldwide coaching in Brazil, Peru, Canaries, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Caribbean & beyond.
Once you have learnt the wind is free all around the world!