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  • E-Foiling - £250 lesson

    The ultimate watersports experience right now! E-foiling is taking off around the UK, and if you’ve ever seen it done- you’ll understand why!

    Come and experience it here in Sandbanks and fly with your foiling progression… Great as a one off experience, or to introduce you to the foil ready for progression in your wind sport! You’ll take your first foil steps with one to one tuition from our dedicated team. They’ll guide you through your first flight, give you those priceless tips and offer you safety cover to support for the start of your foiling journey.

    £250 for 1:1 private tuition- 2 hours just for you, with an instructor and safety cover.

    £150 for a group session (min 2ppl, max 4 ppl)-  2 hours for you as a group, with an instructor and safety cover.

    Give us a call to book!


    To book now call 01202 744055

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  • Synch E-Bike Rental - From £25

    Early Bird £25 – 0700-0930

    Morning £35 – 1000-1300

    Afternoon £35 – 1400-1700

    All Day £65 – 1000-1700

    Evening £25 – 1800-1700

    Overnight £65 – 1700-0800
    Please note: All E-Bikes must be returned with a full battery or charges will apply.

    To book now call 01202 744055

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  • Learn to Windsurf Part 2 - £49pp

    Building on from part 1, this session introduces how to make ground upwind and downwind. Improving turns into tack and gybes as well as giving you the knowledge to be able to safely, launch land and self-rescue.

    Learning points include;

    • Sailing Up and Down wind
    • Tacking
    • Gybing
    • How to stay safe and Where next

    By the end this course you’ll have a good grasp of the basics of windsurfing and be well on your journey. You’ll be able to hire equipment but also start to progress onto bigger sails and faster boards with a bit more practice.

    £49pp or booked with ‘Learn to Windsurf Part 1’ £89pp
    As with all windsurf sessions you are in a guaranteed group of up to only 4 people

    To book now call 01202 744055

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  • Learn to Windsurf Part 1 - £49pp

    The first half of the learn to windsurf course, this is more than a taster as it develops a good understanding of how to get setup and launch onto the water. You’ll then be learning to get going and how to make your first turns.

    Learning points include;

    • Kit setup
    • Self-rescue
    • Launching & landing
    • Sailing across the wind
    • Steering

    From here you can progress on to ‘Learn to Windsurf’ part 2 or have some tailored 1:1 tuition.

    £49pp or book on to part 1 & 2 for £89pp
    As with all windsurf sessions you are in a guaranteed group of up to only 4 people.

    To book now call 01202 744055

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  • Windsurf 1:1 tuition - £50 1hr / £99 2hr / £140 3hr

    To make even faster progress get fully dedicated & tailored instruction.

    For individuals or private groups of two, your instructor can 100% focus on your desired goal. These can be done at any level on centre or your own kit.

    £50 1hr
    £99 2hrs
    £140 3hrs
    All prices based on 1:1 tuition, bring your friend along on their own kit for free or centre kit for an additional £25ph

    Photo Credit: Craig Fascione

    To book now call 01202 744055

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  • Windsurf Taster - £35pp

    Not sure? Why not give it a try?

    The taster looks at maximising time on the water and the kit to give your first goes and getting you hooked. With a quick intro on land, you’ll then be getting on the water getting to grips with your first runs and working towards your first turns.

    You’ll be in guaranteed small group of up to 4 people to give you the best possible first experience.

    By the end of the session, you’ll have been on the water, got on the board and been windsurfing
    Our awesome team can then advise where to go next to carry on your windsurfing journey.

    Cost is £35pp for a 2hr taster session
    minimum 2 people

    To book now call 01202 744055

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  • Windfoiling 1:1 -

    Join the Foiling revolution with the UK’s top Foiling coaches.

    Private or 2:1 sessions available to help you get your first flights and beyond. If you’re comfortable blasting in the foot straps, then you are ready to take flight.

    You’ll learn how best to setup and get up on the foil. Then you can start to progress towards taming the wild dolphin and making those fully sustained runs.

    Bring your own kit to get tips and an MOT on setup and tuning or you can use the centres equipment

    To book now call 01202 744055

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  • Wing Rental - £25ph

    Wether you need to spend a bit of personal ‘wing wrestling’ progression time between a wingtro session and jumping on a foil or if you’re cruising along on the foil.  Kit rental is a great way to get hours of practice in on the water for less money.

    In a new and fast developing sport its also a great way of trying out all the latest kit to see what suits you best.

    Wing rental – £25ph (including the SUP/windsurf board if needed)
    or a 10hr hire card for £150

    Foil rental – £15ph (includes wing board and foil set up)
    or a 10hr hire card for £100

    Photo credit @HowardShep

    To book now call 01202 744055

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  • 10hr Hire Card SUP / Kayak - from £100

    Get out on the water more for less.

    With our 10hr hire cards, you can benefit from great savings for getting out and enjoying the water more often.
    Great for locals and for those staying for a holiday.

    10hr SUP / Single Kayak – £100

    10hr Double Kayak – £150

    *rentals are subject to availability and duration of rental must be agreed upon before going out

    To book now call 01202 744055

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  • Youth Apprenticeships & Careers -

    Join the Easyriders to Team to Learn & Earn!

    From work experience to assistant instructing to full time career paths in the watersports industry, we’re set on helping you get the most from your hobby and being able to call the beach your office.

    We wrote the book literally on how to teach kitesurfing, SUP, wingsurfing and much more.  We have been running an apprenticeship program since 2005 and have enjoyed watching dozens of great young people build skills, confidence, experiences and qualifications leading to many of them in full time careers within the watersports industry.

    Access to the latest kit, lots of water time, discounted courses and staff development training are just a few of the reasons to be a part of our friendly, inclusive and innovative team, but don’t just take our word for it, read about Spencers experience with us below

    Spencer Marshall
    Aged 18
    BKSA Level 1 Kitesurf Instructor & BSUPA Level 1 SUP instructor

    Spencer joined Easyriders for 1 week work experience in 2019 as a completely novice kiter but with a huge amount of enthusiasm to learn.  During that week and continuing through the summer he improved his skills as often as possible whilst helping us out running the beach, keeping kit clean and tidy and welcoming customers.
    Having then got him to a proficient enough level, he then completed the level 1 instructor course and no has regular teaching shifts with his eyes set on an instructor position on our next Brazil trip.

    To book now call 01202 744055

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  • Kite rental by the hour - £25

    Wether you’ve recently caught the kitesurfing bug or had it for a while now, our supervised kit rental facilitates you getting those hours on the water needed to progress even further with the sport.

    Full kit package available for £25ph
    (Kite, bar, twin tip, harness, helmet, impact jacket)
    Or a 10 hour Hire Card for £150, thats a ridiculous saving of £100!

    Kite only – £20ph
    Or a 10 hour card for £125

    Surfboard – £15ph
    Or a 10 hour card for £100

    Any damages payable at Easyriders discretion

    To book now call 01202 744055

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  • SUP / Kayak Rental Easybeach -

    No board? No problem!

    We offer Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) and Kayak (single or double) rental from our harbour-side location at Easybeach from as little as £15

    Enjoy the sheltered waters of Poole harbour and take in the beautiful scenery from the water.  This is a great and safe option for families as the water is shallow in the bay of the harbour.
    Easybeach rentals are safest in S, SW, W, NW and N winds as these are all cross-on and on shore.  The water will be at its flatest in Easterly winds but please note this is off-shore so be aware of not going out of your depth.  Our fantastic team are always on hand to offer advice, and will let you know if its too windy or not suitable to go out on your SUP.

    SUP & Single kayak  £15 1hr, £30 3hr, £50 6hr

    Double Kayak  £20 1hr, £40 3hr, £70 6hr



    To book now call 01202 744055

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  • WingFoiling - £129

    Wingfoiling is the latest watersport to hit our shores and combines the amazing freedom of foiling with wind power, without masts, lines or ropes.

    It has obvious similarities to a number of skills from Kiting, foiling, sailing, windsurfing and SUP and can be done on flat, bumpy and wavey water and also can be done inland on previously ‘un-kiteable’ venues across the UK.

    Following the BKSA/RYA syllabus this lesson is aimed at those who have previous wingsurfing experinece and are ready to progress on to the foil, or those who have foiling skills in another watersport such as kiting, windsurfing, surf/sup foiling.
    Enjoying the unique freedom this sport allows in Poole Harbour or the perfect waters of Poole Bay off shore road, with the additional peace of mind and coaching from a safety boat.

    Costs: £129 for a 2hr 1:1 session or £170 for a 3hr 1:1 session, this includes all kit and safety cover.
    Bring a second person for an additional £50. (Please note its best to be of very similar ability for both of you to benefit from the session)

    To book now call 01202 744055

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  • Wingtro Lesson Beginnners - £65pp

    The latest water sports craze to get on board with!

    In 2020, Andy was ahead of the curve and truly pioneered the progression of this new favourite sport by co-writing and delivering the world’s first ever teaching syllabus and instructor course for wingsurfing & wingfoiling.

    This BKSA / RYA approved introductory lesson is designed for those who have no previous wingsurfing or foiling experience, and aims to get you to grips with handling and steering the wing on a SUP/windsurf board.  Gaining ground up and down wind, pump the sail and learn self rescue techniques.

    £65pp  (minimum of 2 people) including all your kit

    To book now call 01202 744055

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  • Youth Academy - £125

    Want to get your kids out on the water this summer?

    Try a new sport and meet new friends?

    Become a potential future Olympian?

    Then book onto our youth academy weeks throughout the summer, where they will learn about the weather, wind, tides, learn to fly a kite, learn to get up on a board and become awesome safe and independent kitesurfers!

    Age 12 – 17yrs

    • May 31st – June 4th
    • August 9th – 13th
    • Every afternoon for 5 days, from 1:30pm – 4:30pm – £125

    To book now call 01202 744055

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  • SUPventures - from £35

    Our infamous and flag ship ‘Adventure SUP’ is a trip around the beautiful Brownsea Island.  Likened to the south of france on a calm and sunny summers this is just one of our many longer tours for those wanting to explore and take their paddling a bit further with the safety and comfort of our team and boat cover.

    Minimum ability is BSUPA Ready to Ride competent.  Need to build your confidence and skills before joining on one of these?  Why not book in a 1:1 session.

    To book now call 01202 744055

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  • Foiling Holiday Clinics - from £799

    We are well known for our legendary Easyriders clinics worldwide.  We have specific foiling holiday clinics for those who want to immerse themselves in all things foil for a week and progress as fast as possible…..This really is the ultimate way you learn!
    There is also plenty of foiling opportunity on any of our other coaching holidays.

    Spain 2021 dates tbc
    In parntership with Neilson, Andy is running a weeks foil coaching as an addition to the activities included in an action packed week away with Neilson.  This is the perfect week away, bring the family along everyone gets out on the water has a great time and you get 4hours of the best foil coaching each day.
    Based in Neilson new resort in Mar Menor, this grand and deep lagoon is the ideal location for progressing your foiling skills.
    For more info and to book follow this link;

    Brazil 28th Nov – 5th Dec 2021 from £799 
    Brazil is the kiteboarding MECCA, we have been going for nearly 20 years. We have now added a foiling camp in an amazing spot the first week in December, the winds are amazingly consistent and a little lighter in strength in Dec, which is perfect. 30 degrees water and air, kiting directly from the pousada with miles of up and downwind potential this is the ultimate venue for learning & progressing.  Follow this link for more information.

    To book now call 01202 744055

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  • UK foil coaching camps - £75 per day*


    These camps are designed for beginner and intermediate foilers alike and give a great introduction and coaching to both levels and exposure to lots of different equipment and expertise.  Gaining new skills and progressing in a group environment.

    (*plus foil rental of £25pd if you don’t have your own)

    To book now call 01202 744055

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  • Kite foiling 1 to 1 - £50 1hr / £99 2hr

    Kite foiling is the ultimate way to increase your kite-able wind range, explore further and faster, and generally show off some skills on the water.
    Likened to walking on water, this fantastically peaceful kiting experience has rocketed in popularity, participation and (thanks to a great range of kit) accessibility.

    £50 1hr
    £99 2hr
    £140 3hr
    (A basic intermediate competency of riding upwind on a directional is required, the per hour price is based on using your own foil there is a £15ph surcharge for the lesson to include a foil)

    To book now call 01202 744055

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  • Sunday SUP - General Group tour - £20

    Sunday SUP is our weekend friends and family stand up paddle board session. Family friendly with all abilities and ages welcome.
    This 2 hour SUP tour teaches beginners all the new skills needed for SUP and works on intermediate skills for regular paddlers. All this combined with discovering parts of beautiful Poole Harbour, some coffee and a biscuits ;-).
    Sunday SUP is £20per board (kids are welcome to share a board with parents).


    SUP River Paddle Tour

    To book now call 01202 744055

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  • Ladies Night - £15

    SUP Ladies night.

    Our most popular SUP session.  Thursday evenings are a chance to get out on the water, catch up with friends and paddle away your weeks stresses.

    Encouraging more ladies to get out and try something new whilst offering a great fitness alternative to being inside at the gym.


    To book now call 01202 744055

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  • Taster Session - £65.00

    Dipping your toe into kitesports. This is an ideal 2 hour taster session which introduces you to all the basics:

    • Site assessment
    • Rigging, Launching / Landing
    • How kites fly
    • Generating power
    • Safety systems
    • How to begin moving.

    £65pp (minimum 2people)
    Includes all kit and wetsuits if need.

    A  taster session is designed to give you a small experience of kiting and will require further tuition after to proficiently learn the necessary skills to enjoy the sport fully and be a safe and responsible kitesurfer.  We recommend moving on to private tuition from here.


    To book now call 01202 744055

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  • 1 to 1 Tuition - £50 1hr / £99 2hr / £140 3hr / £270 6hr

    To make the fastest progress at any level, one to one tuition is the way to go.
    Wether you want to get in to the sport quicker, refresh your skills after a short break or have a specific move you want to learn, we have the best crew of instructors on hand to give you the right tips.

    You can half the time / double the progression speed from group lessons and fit it in at a time to suit you.

    Beginner to Intermediate Progression
    Foil and Wave Riding Coaching
    Freestyle / Twin Tip skills

    We can do this whenever you’re free and the wind is good. Am’s, Pm’s and evenings 7 days a week.

    (There is a £15ph surcharge for foil rental during a Private Lesson)

    This can also be the perfect way to gain confidence on your own new kit and get it tuned right for you, to improve your site knowledge awareness and confidence off the sea front


    Kitesurfing Lessons 1 to 1 Tuition

    To book now call 01202 744055

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  • Bespoke Sessions - Corporate & Team Building, Stag & Hen Do's - from £20pp

    Stand Up Paddleboarding is a great group activity, wether you’re celebrating a stag or hen do, a birthday, building team spirits or treating the work team to an activity day out.  You’ll all have a laugh, learn some new skills, see gorgeous parts of the harbour with the safety and guidance of our instructors.

    Guns n Buns SUP Fitness / SUP Yoga / General Tours / Fun Races.

    All abilities welcome, but a small amount of experience on a SUP is recommended beforehand for fitness and yoga sup sessions.

    £20ppph (minimum of 4people)
    All kit and wetsuits included

    To book now call 01202 744055

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  • Foil Fundamentals - £125

    A 1:1 lesson to get to grips with floating above the water!
    Wether you’re wanting to get in to or improve your Kite, Wind, Wing or Surf Foiling technique.

    Being towed like a wakeboarder allows you to get to grips and improve your foiling techniques in a controlled environment, close by to an instructor and focusing your attention purely on whats underneath your feet.

    There are two stages of progression;
    Step 1 Big SUP; Lying, Kneeling and Standing
    Step 2 Kitefoil board; water starts including and excluding straps

    Cost is £125 1 hr 1:1 or £200 for 2hrs.  Want to bring your mate? It’s an extra £25ph.  (Maximum of 2 people at a time).

    To book now call 01202 744055

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  • Seasonal Rental Scheme - from £100p/m†

    This is an amazing opportunity to enjoy every moment out on the water that you can spare without having to pay every time, saving you money, giving you the chance to try out a range of different kite and board models and always having the right sized kite for the conditions.

    The full season rate is as little as £100 per month, payable upfront for 8 months from March 1st through to October 31st, and will give you limitless supervised Kitesurfing equipment*.
    Monthly rates as follows;
    March – June & Sept – Oct  £125pm
    July & August £175pm


    Minimum ability level is BKSA Level 2 and you must be signed off by one of our instructors beforehand.  If you’ve had a 6month or longer break from kiting you will be required to have a refresher 1:1 session with an instructor before heading our on the water

    *Please note this is all subject to availability & booking during business opening hours, you can only book 1 session a day either am or pm, if no-one else booked for a session on the day you can book for both am/pm. 

    †Hire scheme must be booked for a minimum of 1 month, otherwise the hourly rate of £25ph applies.  The minimum amount refers to the full season March to Nov at £100pm payable upfront.  

    Kitesurfing Rentals Poole

    To book now call 01202 744055

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  • 2 / 3 Day Kitesurfing Course - £215 / £310

    Our second and third day courses really get you going towards being an independant kitesurfer. Day 2 & 3 build on the knowledge of body dragging skills learnt on day 1.
    It introduces the board and how to get up and riding in both directions (BKSA L2 Pt1, 2, 3).
    The end of day 2 should see you with the board on your feet and your bum dry, either for moments or minutes!
    Day 3 builds on these skills and focuses on board control, riding, speed & direction.  By the end of day 3 some students will have completed BKSA Level 2 and be ready to get out there and kite independently, others may want a little extra skill development time with some further 1:1 tuition to reach independence.

    Learning points of Day 2 & 3:

    • Independent site assessment and rigging (S.H.O.E)
    • Consolidating bodydrags to generate power, stability, direction and control
    • Intro to the board and board start technique
    • Rules of the road, stopping and etiquette
    • Prolonged power delivery & controlled speed on the board
    • Points of sailing and riding angles
    • Where to go next and how to become an independant kitesurfer (BKSA L2).

    £215pp for a 2 Day course
    £310pp for a 3 Day course
    Day courses are group lessons of up to 4 people.  Wherever possible we always aim to stick to a ratio of 2:1

    From here you will be at a stage where you will have learnt all the nuts and bolts of kitesurfing.  To cement and polish these new skills often 1:1 tuition or Supervised Hire are the best steps from here.
    It’s also time to consider your own kit, which we can help advise (new) & supply (2nd hand) to get your ultimate set up.

    Kitesurfing Lessons Poole 2 Day

    To book now call 01202 744055

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  • 1 Day Kitesurfing Course - £120

    The first day of the rest of your life!
    Your first day kitesurfing lesson will introduce you to basic flying skills (BKSA L1, P1) and then on to flying an LEI kite in the water & body dragging, generating power, stability, direction and control, as well as teaching how to self rescue yourself (BKSA L1, P2, 3 & 4).
    Once people have mastered this, they are ready for the board (L2!).

    Learning points:

    • Site assessment (S.H.O.E)
    • Launching / Landing / Relaunching
    • Body drags: fig8 and crosswind
    • Body drags: Board retrieval & balance drags
    • Rules of the road, weather & tides
    • Level 1 safety & Self rescue techniques

    Day course are group sessions of up to 4 people.  Wherever possible we always aim to stick to a ratio of 2:1

    We have a huger range of wind conditions covered as our perfect bay works in over 270 degrees of wind and also works well in light winds.
    At the end of a one day course you will know all about kitesurfing and how to do the basics safely. The next step is booking up your board start day 2 course or booking some 1:1 tuition!

    Kitesurfing Lessons Poole 1 Day

    To book now call 01202 744055

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