1 to 1 Kitesurfing Tuition £50ph

Kitesurfing Lessons 1 to 1 Tuition

To make the fastest progress and get into the sport quickly, one to one tuition is the way to go.

You can half the time / double the progression speed from group lessons and fit it in whenever you want.

Often we find after the second or third day, some one to one tuition will nail your progression, board skills and gain you the confidence to get out there independently.  One to One tuition is perfect for honing specific skills at all levels from board starts, getting you out and ready to go it alone, up to upwind riding, jumps and beyond. We have the best crew of instructors on hand to give you the right tips.
We offer 1, 2, 3 and 6 hour  packages for fast track accelerated learning, kit tuning and all advanced disciplines (Foil, Surf, Race, FreeStyle, Landboard and Snow).
At Easyriders we offer the option to use the latest radio helmet technology during your lesson.  No matter how far you travel from your instructor, always be in communication with them with the BB Talkin Radio headsets.  These are available to book in your lesson for an additional £5ph.
We can do this whenever you’re free and the wind is good. Am’s, Pm’s and evenings 7 days a week.

(There is a £15ph surcharge for foil rental during a Private Lesson)

This can also be the perfect way to gain confidence on your own new kit and get it tuned right for you.