1 Day Kitesurfing course – £115

Kitesurfing Lessons Poole 1 Day

This is your introduction to the fastest growing sport of the 21st century!

The first day of the rest of your life! Your first day kitesurfing lesson will take you on beyond flying the kite to getting into the water, body dragging, generating power, stability, direction and control, as well as teaching how to self rescue yourself. Usually people are ready for the board after the first day.

Learning points:

  • Site assessment (SHOE)
  • Launching / Landing / Relaunching
  • Bodydrags: fig8 / board retrieval / crosswind / balance drags
  • Rules of the road, weather / tides and level 1 safety
  • Self rescue techniques

A day one kitesurfing lesson is an intro to the sport and a ideal birthday / gift!

Courses are rarely cancelled as our perfect bay works in over 270 degrees of wind.
At the end of a one day course you will know all about kitesurfing and how to do the basics safely. No doubt you will eagerly be booking up your boardstart day 2 course!