1 Day Kitesurfing course – £125

Kitesurfing Lessons Poole 1 Day

The first day of the rest of your life!
Your first day kitesurfing lesson will introduce you to basic flying skills (BKSA L1, P1) and then on to flying an LEI kite in the water & body dragging, generating power, stability, direction and control, as well as teaching how to self rescue yourself (BKSA L1, P2, 3 & 4).
Once people have mastered this, they are ready for the board (L2!).

Learning points:

  • Site assessment (S.H.O.E)
  • Launching / Landing / Relaunching
  • Body drags: fig8 and crosswind
  • Body drags: Board retrieval & balance drags
  • Rules of the road, weather & tides
  • Level 1 safety & Self rescue techniques

Day courses are group sessions of up to 4 people.  Wherever possible we always aim to stick to a ratio of 2:1

We have a wide range of wind conditions covered as our perfect bay works in over 270 degrees of wind and also works well in light winds.
At the end of a one day course you will know all about kitesurfing and how to do the basics safely. The next step is booking up your board start day 2 course or booking some 1:1 tuition!