2 Day Kitesurfing Course – £199

Kitesurfing Lessons Poole 2 Day
Our two day beginner course is the most popular course we deliver and really gets your going towards being a kitesurfer. Day 2 builds on the knowledge and bodydragging skills learnt on day 1. It then introduces the board and how to get up and riding in both directions.  The end of day 2 should see you with the board on your feet and your bum dry, either for moments or minutes!

Learning points on Day 2:

  • Independent site assessment and rigging
  • Consolidating bodydrags to generate power, stability, direction and control
  • Intro to the board and board start technique
  • Rules of the road, stopping and etiquette
  • Where to go next and how to become a kitesurfer

From here you will be at a stage where you will have learnt all the nuts and bolts of kitesurfing.  To cement and polish those new skills our day 3 course is the next step from here for all but the superhuman learners!