Kite Hydrofoiling – Foiling clinics

We are well known for our legendary easyriders clinics worldwide. This year we have two specific foiling holiday clinics for those who want to immerse themselves in all things foil for a week and progress as fast as possible…..This really is the Ultimate way you learn!

Spain/Portugal July 30th – 6th Aug from £799
Making the most of the awesome spots that are on our international doorstep and their consistent summer winds.  Flat water, spacious warm mediterranean sea and consistent breezes make this the perfect place for a quick easy to reach learn to foil clinic.

Brazil 1-8th Dec  from £699 
Brazil is the kiteboarding MECCA, we have been going for over 15 years. we have now added a foiling camp in an amazing spot the first week in December, the winds are amazingly consistent and a little lighter in strength in Dec which is perfect. 30 degrees water and air, kiting directly from the pousada with miles of up and downwind potential this is the ultimate venue for learning & progressing.