2017 11.5m North Ace Foil Kite

The Ace from North (now Duotone) is a perfect kite to get you going in super light winds. It’s a foil kite which means that the leading edge doesn’t inflate but is filled with air as it flies. This kite is for intermediate and advanced riders looking to progress into light winds and foiling.

It has a huge wind range with massive depower and offers unrivalled hangtime; it can be ridden with a twin tip for freeride riding or with a hydrofoil for both racing and freeriding. It provides immense amounts of lift, making foiling, tacks, gybes and tricks easy.

This kite comes with a bar that is in a really good condition with no nicks or knots in the lines.




You can call the office on 01202 744055 to order or enquire