2020 8m F-ONE Bandit S

2020 8m F-One Bandit S – £800

For 2020 F-One split their Bandit kite into two – the S and the 2020. The Bandit S is aimed at wave riders, strapless riders and foilers with an incredible amount of depower and almost instant reactivity to the steering. For a beginner rider looking to progress into wave riding and strapless all the way through to advanced foilers and big wave junkies the Bandit S is the kite.

This 8m Bandit S is in a good condition with no patches, tears or repairs. The striking orange colour will allow you to be easily seen from the beach wherever you’re kiting. There is also a bar available with it – taking the price to £950 for a complete set. Both kite and bar can be bought separately.

You can call the office on 01202 744055 to order or enquire