2020 5m Duotone Neo

2020 5m Duotone Neo – £699

The Duotone Neo is a 3 strut wave kite by design but is perfect for waveriding, foiling and freeriding. This small size suits lighter or younger riders and is perfect for learning and progressing. For 2020 a lighter combination of materials were used to reduce the overall weight of the kite and an updated trailing edge profile aims to reduce flutter and give it more control at the edges of the window.

The Neo works in all wind conditions from fully depowered in super strong winds all the way through to those light winds days. This makes the kite perfect for all levels of riders in all conditions allowing you to focus more on your riding and progressing than flying the kite.

We have a couple of 5m Neo’s all in great condition with no patches or repairs. We also have bars available for extra cost.

You can call the office on 01202 744055 to order or enquire