Duotone GT Foil with 90cm Mast

Duotone GT Foil with 90cm Mast – £650

The perfect performance freeride foil. This is the foil that will take you to the next level, it will increase your speed and help to improve your turns on the foil. It has brilliant light wind performance and doesn’t need masses of power to get up and going.

This foil by Duotone has a carbon front wing which has been designed to give high speeds with low drag – this means it can get going in light wings and still hold a lot of power. The shape of the wing makes the ride stable even at faster speeds so you always feel in control. The back wing has been designed to improve the tracking of the foil through the water adding to the controlled feel. The whole duotone system is adaptable with the ability to swap different wings and masts around to suit your riding style and the conditions.

Whole foil set up available for £650


You can call the office on 01202 744055 to order or enquire