F-ONE Foil with Escape 510 front wing

F-One Foil with Escape 510 Front Wing – £750

This foil from F-One is a perfect Performance Freeride Foil. This 95cm mast  is perfect for riding when the water isn’t perfectly flat as it just flies over chop. It currently has an Escape 510 front wing which is the race type front wing of the range. This is a perfect intro to racing front wing and allows you to perfect turns and riding at speed.

Also available is the Carbon Mirage 650 wing which is perfect for learning and progressing at slower speeds. This front wing is more versatile and lends itself more to learning and progressing as a beginner foiler.

The foil is able to be purchased with either wing for £750 and with both wings for £950.

You can call the office on 01202 744055 to order or enquire