F-One Rocket 5’8 Surf Foil Board

F-One Rocket 5’8 Surf Foil Board – £350

The Rocket Surf from F-One is a dedicated surf foil board, perfect for tow in surfing on smaller swell or pumping on some nice rollers. The 5’8 is a middle size board suitable for the average sized rider to learn and progress on.

Parallel rails and a flatter rocker lead to an easy and early take off. A distinctive kick in the rocker towards the tail helps with release and pumping.

The board has had a decent amount of use and all the dents or cosmetic marks have been included in the photos but don’t affect how the board works. All have been fixed so the board is watertight. The price reflects the condition of the board.


You can call the office on 01202 744055 to order or enquire