2014 North 5’11 Kontact

2014 North 5’11 Kontact – £195

The Kontact is designed as a big wave board focusing on speed and fast turns with a narrower outline this board is for those jaws like conditions. The slight rocker helps to balance the speed, power and control and the full nose and rounded pin-tail create a long rail line which delivers a really good performance. Whilst the 3 fin setup improves speed and grip, while also boosting the tracking abilities.

This board has had a decent amount of use and the nose has been professionally repaired. Where it has been cut off at the nose it doesn’t make any difference to the riding experience as it is above the rocker line in the water so this won’t stop you charging down the line. These fins are stuck in the board so thats something to think about when travelling but this board is still super easy to carry around with you on a day to day basis. This is a good price board for any level of rider and would help someone to intro into riding a surfboard all the way through to a rider wanting to progress into much larger waves.

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