Kite Lessons

  • Wingtro Lesson - £50 1hr / £95 2hr

    The latest water sports craze to get on board with!

    Likened to wrestling an inflatable manta ray but actually it is more of a mix between kiting and windsurfing.
    The wing is an inflatable sail, held above the head and manoeuvred to steer up/down wind.
    The beauty of this sport is it can be tried out on any number of boards, making it accessible to everyone wether they are a current water enthusiast or soon to be one.

    This introductory lesson is designed for those who have no previous wingsurfing or foiling experience, and aims to get you to grips with handling and steering the wing

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  • Youth Academy - £125

    Want to get your kids out on the water this summer?

    Try a new sport and meet new friends?

    Become a potential future Olympian?

    Then book onto our youth academy week from the 10th-14th August*, every afternoon, where they will learn about the weather, wind, tides, learn to fly a kite, learn to get up on a board and become awesome safe and independent kitesurfers!
    * 10th – 14th Fully Booked, additional dates; 24th – 28th August

    • Every afternoon for 5 days, from 1:30pm – 4:30pm – £125
    • Then join our weekly rippers club; One morning or afternoon each week until the end of  September – £30 per session

    To book now call 01202 744055

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  • Foiling Clinics - from £749

    We are well known for our legendary Easyriders clinics worldwide.  We have specific foiling holiday clinics for those who want to immerse themselves in all things foil for a week and progress as fast as possible…..This really is the Ultimate way you learn!
    There is also plenty of foiling opportunity on any of our other coaching holidays.

    Spain May 15th – 22nd 
    In parntership with Neilson, Andy is running a weeks foil coaching as an addition to the activities included in an action packed week away with Neilson.  This is the perfect week away, bring the family along everyone gets out on the water has a great time and you get 4hours of the best foil coaching each day.
    Based in Neilson new resort in Mar Menor, this grand and deep lagoon is the ideal location for progressing your foiling skills.
    For more info and to book follow this link;

    Brazil 29th Nov – 6th Dec  from £749 
    Brazil is the kiteboarding MECCA, we have been going for nearly 20 years. We have now added a foiling camp in an amazing spot the first week in December, the winds are amazingly consistent and a little lighter in strength in Dec, which is perfect. 30 degrees water and air, kiting directly from the pousada with miles of up and downwind potential this is the ultimate venue for learning & progressing.  Follow this link for more information.

    To book now call 01202 744055

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  • Kite foiling 1 to 1 - £50 1hr / £95 2hr

    This can be done at any time during the year and is a perfect way to dip your toe in the water with foiling. We have a range of foils and mast lengths that you can use to have a go and experience this new craze.

    (A basic intermediate competency of riding upwind on a directional is required, the per hour price is based on using your own foil there is a £25 surcharge for the lesson to include a foil)

    To book now call 01202 744055

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  • 1 to 1 Tuition - £50 1hr / £95 2hr / £135 3hr / £260 6hr

    To make the fastest progress at any level, one to one tuition is the way to go.
    Wether you want to get in to the sport quicker, refresh your skills after a short break or have a specific move you want to learn

    You can half the time / double the progression speed from group lessons and fit it in at a time to suit you.

    Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced
    One to One tuition is perfect for honing specific skills at all levels from board starts onwards.  Getting you out and ready to go it alone, up to upwind riding, jumps and beyond. We have the best crew of instructors on hand to give you the right tips.

    Foil and Wave Riding Coaching
    Wether its your first time on a surfboard /foil or you’re keen to perfect those top turns, tacs or gybes.
    We offer 1, 2, 3 and 6 hour  packages for fast track accelerated learning, kit tuning and all advanced disciplines (Foil, Surf, Race, FreeStyle, Landboard and Snow).

    At Easyriders we offer the option to use the latest radio helmet technology during your lesson.  Always be in communication with your instructor with the BB Talkin Radio headsets.  These are available to book in your lesson for an additional £15per session.
    We can do this whenever you’re free and the wind is good. Am’s, Pm’s and evenings 7 days a week.

    (There is a £25ph surcharge for foil rental during a Private Lesson)

    This can also be the perfect way to gain confidence on your own new kit and get it tuned right for you.


    Kitesurfing Lessons 1 to 1 Tuition

    To book now call 01202 744055

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  • 2 / 3 Day Kitesurfing Course - £210 / £300

    Our second and third day courses really get you going towards being an independant kitesurfer. Day 2 & 3 build on the knowledge of body dragging skills learnt on day 1.
    It introduces the board and how to get up and riding in both directions (BKSA L2 Pt1, 2, 3).
    The end of day 2 should see you with the board on your feet and your bum dry, either for moments or minutes!
    Day 3 builds on these skills and focuses on board control, riding, speed & direction.  By the end of day 3 some students will have completed BKSA Level 2 and be ready to get out there and kite independently, others may want a little extra skill development time with some further 1:1 tuition to reach independance.

    Learning points of Day 2 & 3:

    • Independent site assessment and rigging (S.H.O.E)
    • Consolidating bodydrags to generate power, stability, direction and control
    • Intro to the board and board start technique
    • Rules of the road, stopping and etiquette
    • Prolonged power delivery & controlled speed on the board
    • Points of sailing and riding angles
    • Where to go next and how to become an independant kitesurfer (BKSA L2).

    From here you will be at a stage where you will have learnt all the nuts and bolts of kitesurfing.  To cement and polish these new skills often 1:1 tuition or Supervised Hire are the best steps from here.
    It’s also time to consider your own kit, which we can help advise (new) & supply (2nd hand) to get your ultimate set up.

    Kitesurfing Lessons Poole 2 Day

    To book now call 01202 744055

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  • 1 Day Kitesurfing Course - £115

    The first day of the rest of your life!
    Your first day kitesurfing lesson will introduce you to basic flying skills (BKSA L1, P1) and then on to flying an LEI kite in the water & body dragging, generating power, stability, direction and control, as well as teaching how to self rescue yourself (BKSA L1, P2, 3 & 4).
    Once people have mastered this, they are ready for the board (L2!).

    Learning points:

    • Site assessment (S.H.O.E)
    • Launching / Landing / Relaunching
    • Body drags: fig8 and crosswind
    • Body drags: Board retrieval & balance drags
    • Rules of the road, weather & tides
    • Level 1 safety & Self rescue techniques

    A one day kitesurfing lesson is an intro to the sport and a ideal birthday / gift!

    Courses are rarely cancelled as our perfect bay works in over 270 degrees of wind and works well in light winds.
    At the end of a one day course you will know all about kitesurfing and how to do the basics safely. The next step is booking up your board start day 2 course!

    Kitesurfing Lessons Poole 1 Day

    To book now call 01202 744055

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