Kite Rentals

  • Seasonal Rental Scheme - from £65p/m†

    How do you fancy the idea of having free limitless fun out in the water using brand new North Kiteboarding equipment, well if you do check out the following deal that we’re offering to all competent Kiteboarders.

    You can pay us a monthly subscription of only £65 per month, payable upfront for 7 months from April 1st through to October 31st, and will give you limitless supervised Kitesurfing equipment* & limitless hire of SUP equipment*.

    This is a brilliant chance to enjoy every moment out on the water that you can spare without having to pay every time and access to over 30k worth of the latest and greatest kit.

    For more information call us on 01202 744055,

    *Please note this is all subject to availability & booking during business opening hours, you can only book 1 session a day either am or pm, if no-one else booked for a session on the day you can book for both am/pm. An out of hours supplement will be applied. 

    †Hire scheme must be booked for a minimum of 1 month. If booked for 6 months it’s £65 a month, every month after this will incur an additional £10 per month if you sign up later than April, look forward to seeing you….7 Months – £65 p/m, 6 Months – £80p/m, 5 Months – £90 p/m, 4 Months – £100 p/m, 3 Months – £110 p/m, 2 Months – £120, 1 month – £130.

    Kitesurfing Rentals Poole

    To book now call 01202 744055

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