Kite Rentals

  • Kite rental by the hour - £25

    Wether you’ve recently caught the kitesurfing bug or had it for a while now, our supervised kit rental facilitates you getting those hours on the water needed to progress even further with the sport.

    Full kit package available for £25ph
    (Kite, bar, twin tip, harness, helmet, impact jacket)
    Or a 10 hour Hire Card for £150, thats a ridiculous saving of £100!

    Kite only – £20ph
    Or a 10 hour card for £125

    Surfboard – £15ph
    Or a 10 hour card for £100

    Any damages payable at Easyriders discretion

    To book now call 01202 744055

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  • Seasonal Rental Scheme - from £100p/m†

    This is an amazing opportunity to enjoy every moment out on the water that you can spare without having to pay every time, saving you money, giving you the chance to try out a range of different kite and board models and always having the right sized kite for the conditions.

    The full season rate is as little as £100 per month, payable upfront for 8 months from March 1st through to October 31st, and will give you limitless supervised Kitesurfing equipment*.
    Monthly rates as follows;
    March – June & Sept – Oct  £125pm
    July & August £175pm


    Minimum ability level is BKSA Level 2 and you must be signed off by one of our instructors beforehand.  If you’ve had a 6month or longer break from kiting you will be required to have a refresher 1:1 session with an instructor before heading our on the water

    *Please note this is all subject to availability & booking during business opening hours, you can only book 1 session a day either am or pm, if no-one else booked for a session on the day you can book for both am/pm. 

    †Hire scheme must be booked for a minimum of 1 month, otherwise the hourly rate of £25ph applies.  The minimum amount refers to the full season March to Nov at £100pm payable upfront.  

    Kitesurfing Rentals Poole

    To book now call 01202 744055

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