• Wing Rental - £25ph

    Wether you need to spend a bit of personal ‘wing wrestling’ progression time between a wingtro session and jumping on a foil or if you’re cruising along on the foil.  Kit rental is a great way to get hours of practice in on the water for less money.

    In a new and fast developing sport its also a great way of trying out all the latest kit to see what suits you best.

    Wing rental – £25ph (including the SUP/windsurf board if needed)
    or a 10hr hire card for £150

    Foil rental – £15ph (includes wing board and foil set up)
    or a 10hr hire card for £100

    Photo credit @HowardShep

    To book now call 01202 744055

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  • WingFoiling - £129

    Wingfoiling is the latest watersport to hit our shores and combines the amazing freedom of foiling with wind power, without masts, lines or ropes.

    It has obvious similarities to a number of skills from Kiting, foiling, sailing, windsurfing and SUP and can be done on flat, bumpy and wavey water and also can be done inland on previously ‘un-kiteable’ venues across the UK.

    Following the BKSA/RYA syllabus this lesson is aimed at those who have previous wingsurfing experinece and are ready to progress on to the foil, or those who have foiling skills in another watersport such as kiting, windsurfing, surf/sup foiling.
    Enjoying the unique freedom this sport allows in Poole Harbour or the perfect waters of Poole Bay off shore road, with the additional peace of mind and coaching from a safety boat.

    Costs: £129 for a 2hr 1:1 session or £170 for a 3hr 1:1 session, this includes all kit and safety cover.
    Bring a second person for an additional £50. (Please note its best to be of very similar ability for both of you to benefit from the session)

    To book now call 01202 744055

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  • Wingtro Lesson Beginnners - £65pp

    The latest water sports craze to get on board with!

    In 2020, Andy was ahead of the curve and truly pioneered the progression of this new favourite sport by co-writing and delivering the world’s first ever teaching syllabus and instructor course for wingsurfing & wingfoiling.

    This BKSA / RYA approved introductory lesson is designed for those who have no previous wingsurfing or foiling experience, and aims to get you to grips with handling and steering the wing on a SUP/windsurf board.  Gaining ground up and down wind, pump the sail and learn self rescue techniques.

    £65pp  (minimum of 2 people) including all your kit

    To book now call 01202 744055

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