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We Salute You

To all our customers & friends who work for the NHS, medical industry and key workers, we ‘Easyriders salute’ you and all the hard work you have been doing and continue to do during this time.

It’s not just during this time we appreciate your work, time and commitment but also during the last 16yrs we have been running kitesurf coaching holidays where you have continued that commitment in yours & our holidays.
We love the eclectic mix of different people and professions we meet through our kitesurfing coaching holidays and are super proud of the knowledge and skill you all bring along with you.
Though you’ve not all always heeded your own advice!
Tom Debenham, you’ve dedicated your own bicep to the cause of winning an arm wrestle.
Ben Wallace, whilst your ability to walk down a beach without kicking a rock (to the detriment of your toe) is questionable, we have every confidence that your ability to look after us all is top level.
Graham Cooke, we applaud your endurance through hard work. Especially the hard work of down loops and back rolls, it took a good week and a half of building up the courage (and beating up your 9m) to finally nail them.

Jo Morton, dragging yourself down the beach is an extreme way of avoiding giving piles advice on your holiday (can’t blame you really!).
Louise Osgood you gained so many kiting skills in Barbados, along with a patchwork of bruises taking on the shore break.
Karen Wingham we hope holding your nerve with patients is easier than during a long pack down swim in Peru.
Lydia, you are truly on the front line. Lets hope it doesn’t involve you having to judge the depth of swimming pools!
Seb Willis, your personal hydration and sunscreen application we’re certain doesn’t reflect your amazing doctoring skills.
And Seb Knudsen, we respect your dedication to ICU in Australia, although we hope you’re not advising patients to apply olive oil to their burnt lips like you tried to in Barbados back in 2008.

To you all, and many many more. We are proud to know you, call you our friends and can’t wait to kite with you again soon.

Take it easy,

Andy, Amanda, Gem
& The Easyriders Team