Weather the storm

I have had a long hard think and discussion with the team here at Easyriders about the current situation.

In 17 years of trading we have never faced a challenge like this one, and I hope we never do again.
I feel we need to do our bit and make the right decision, all be it a tough one. For the bigger picture. For our families, parents, friends, nhs workers and many around the world who are already ahead of our curve here in the UK.

So, we will be closing with immediate effect. We will not be running any form of lessons / coaching / ITC courses / holiday clinics until the situation improves.

I am, and will continue to, stand by my wonderful team and I PROMISE to them and all our customers & friends that we will come out the other side. Stronger, fitter (thanks to Joe Wickes kids P.E), more organised, mentally sound, and in my personal case…..a lego technics JEDI.

Take it easy, take care of yourselves and each other

Andy & The Team