Wing Froth!

Any time you head to the beach or the harbour lately is undeniable that Winging has really taken off.
Windsurfers and Kiters are agreeing on something….winging is currently where it’s at!

We’ve watched (and helped!) this sport grow over the last year or so and must admit that in the beginning whilst we were loving learning something new ourselves we were a little dubious as to where it could go and if it would fully take off. Well this past weekend especially is a great example of just how well it is and will continue to be popular.

With a forecast of Easterlies, the ‘froth’ wasn’t coming off the surface of the water but instead from the new and progressing wingsurfers and foilers who joined us to make the most of ‘champagne’ conditions.
Sunshine. Steady Wind. Flat Water.

It’s been great to see lots of Windsurfers, Kiters and new watersports enthusiasts having a go and amazing to see the likes of Adam, Ben, Matt and Jim getting their first flights after only a few hours on the wing. The smiles at the end are a great reminder of why we love what we do.

For those of you who have already dipped their toe in to the winging world, we’ll be running our first wing coaching day on Sunday 23rd May.
This is aimed at those of you looking to get more sustained flights on the foil, start gybing, gliding and foiling transitions.
8 spaces available, get in touch for more info.

If you’re new to winging or windsports in general our 2hr wingtro course is a great place to start and get hooked. Find out more info here